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Founded in 1970, in Nashville, Tennessee, by Thomas Nelson Publishers, the Varsity Internship Program is a sales and management internship program for outstanding college and high school students. Thousands of students have earned their way through college by participating in the program.

glennthumbIn 1984, I was recruited as a student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. I learned how to successfully recruit, train, manage, and motivate teams of my peers and build a large sales organization. After graduation, I became a Sales Manager and continued sharing what I had learned.

In 2001, Thomas Nelson passed the torch to me, and I became President of SCORE, LLC, and the new owner of the Varsity Internship Program. Our mission continues to be to Develop Service-Minded Leaders. – Glenn Ransom

Mission Statement

We exist to develop service-minded leaders who are prepared for the business world and for any career that involves leading people.


1. To enable students to run their own business and gain practical business experience.
2. To give students leadership training and experience as managers.
3. To enable students to earn money to pay for their college education.
4. To market high-quality, exclusive products.
5. To enable students to enter their chosen career debt-free and with substantial savings.

The Family Growth Program

Presently, as parents of six great kids, Kathy and I have always sought tools we could use to better educate and prepare our family for a successful, fulfilling life. With this in mind, since 2001 we have been developing The Family Growth Program to use not only with our own children but also to share with other concerned parents. The Family Growth Program is designed to be passed from generation to generation and become a “family classic” in your family’s foundational building block.

We made a commitment to developing a product line based on the following standards:

Quality Materials and Features: Our products are not cheap, but they will last. We decided to use quality materials and features rather than cut the price and have to apologize constantly for our products.

Basic Knowledge: Principles never change. In all our products we preserve and present the basics, which can be so easily forgotten.

Good Values: You won’t have to worry about “filtering” what your family is learning from the Family Growth Program. It will pay for itself when one family member picks up one new positive idea.