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We can all remember the stories we were told when we were children, and we remember those who took the time to tell them. There is just something about the act of storytelling that brings people together. For many of us, other than the words “Good night, I love you,” a story was the last thing we heard before falling asleep. Through the act of storytelling our family reassured us that “We have time for you” and “you are loved.” Today, more than ever, our families need the same guidance and reassurance that only a simple story can bring. – Jennifer Love, Bible In Stories Writer

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Katherine & Chris Johnson

My husband and I have desired to have a meaningful devotional time with our children and have used several children’s devotional books. We have found that the Bible in Stories book have surpassed all the others.

Megan & Jason Fuller

For once in my life, there was no buyer’s remorse…As an English teacher and Reading specialist, I am a tough critic of any reading materials that come into our house. I have not been disappointed!!!

Dave & Brianna Liuzzo

Last summer, as our son was turning 18 months old, we were beginning to search for a way to effectively do devotions that would hold his attention and be age appropriate.

We found several basic books that were very simple, but lacked the actual “meat” of the story, or they were just too mature in content for him. We were beginning to feel frustrated with our search and were praying for a solution. Within weeks a college student selling the BIBLE IN STORIES approached us. It is truly amazing how God supplied our need.

Angela Brown

Because of the books my dad has now been asking questions about God and church. He has even started talking about going to church. He now hardly ever says a curse word and has just about quit drinking. I know with a little more encouragement my dad will start going to church and someday take Jesus for his Savior.

Nickey Susong

My son, who is ten, looks forward to reading the stories almost every night before bed. He even asks to read more than just one story at a time. We are about to finish volume one and it has been a real blessing to us as well as brought us closer together as a Bible reading family now.

Gene Lasley

As soon as I reviewed the “Bible in Stories” I immediately felt led to purchase two sets and send them to my son who is a missionary in Brazil and my daughter who is a pastor’s wife in Pennsylvania. I want my five grandchildren to have the same Biblical heritage with which I was favored.

Jamie Penniwell

Sometimes I understand a topic but have a hard time figuring out how to explain it. The BIBLE IN STORIES has been an excellent tool for me in preparing for my Sunday school class. My sisters at ages 15 and 9 love the pictures in the books, and I LOVE them also.

Barbara Buchanan

The BIBLE IN STORIES is so easy to understand and read. The ‘Science and the Bible Agree’ section was a great resource when my 8th grade son did a Creation vs. Evolution project for ETSU. The information about DNA, the dinosaurs, and how we got here was very valuable in his preparation of this project. We have been very happy with our purchase of the BIBLE IN STORIES.

Stan & Jeanne Fallon

We are very strong advocates of Bible storybooks. Several years ago one of our sons went off to war over in the Middle East. While there he wrote to my wife Jeanne and asked for one thing- the red Bible in Stories book he had used very regularly as a boy. His Bible in Stories was a strong source of comfort while he was in the war. I thought it was interesting that that was the one thing he asked for his mother to send.

The very best thing we and any parent or grandparent can give to the next generations is the Bible in storybook form.

Larry Stover

I have really enjoyed the BIBLE IN STORIES set that I purchased from the Varsity Internship Program. I am a 62-year-old businessman, and I use the BIBLE IN STORIES book for my devotions when I am not on the road.

I purchased 5 sets for each of my children and their families. I purchased an extra set thinking I would give it away, BUT as I got into the books I thought, I think I will keep these for myself. I now read the Bible story in the books and then read the corresponding Scripture passage.

Nancy Brinkley

They are well put together and very professionally done.

Phyllis Martin

My three-year-old grandson Rylan knows three words- “play” and “go outside”. Before dinnertime, we use the BIBLE IN STORIES to calm Rylan down. He knows that story-time means sitting still.

Children love pictures and repetition. They thrive on the familiar.

Lori Randolph

The BIBLE IN STORIES depicts the Bible so thoroughly and presents so many stories that our other Bible storybooks did not. We are completely confident in the accuracy of the BIBLE IN STORIES every time we read them with Luke and Hope.

They are the perfect length- not too long, not too short.