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Dear Parents:

Thank you for investing your time to research the Varsity summer job opportunity. We have had many parents and Varsity alumni that ask us to select their sons and daughters for our summer internship. Being sent by Mom or Dad does not work in this program.

Just like college, in order to do well, a student needs to have their own reasons that make sense to them. Adults who have experienced the “real world” clearly understand the value of our training and experience, but it does not mean that their son or daughter is ready.

My Story

In 1984, when I was recruited, my Mom thought I had lost my mind and was firmly against my going with Varsity for the summer. The conversation went something like this:

Mom: Where will you live?  Me: Not sure, Mom.

Mom: Who would you live with?  Me: Probably some guys from campus.

Mom: How long have you known these guys?  Me: A couple of hours.

Needless to say, she was NOT impressed and stated that I was NOT going to do it. I asked, respectfully, to speak to Dad. Dad had been very successful in the business world. However, he refused to make the decision for me.

He advised me to get more facts, pray about it, and then make my decision. He also told me that it was not very likely that one could go away from home all summer, pay all their expenses while selling door-to-door, and save $2,000.

After researching further, I understood the risk, decided to pursue Varsity, and was selected. Now, twenty eight years later, having trained over 1,400 students to date, my parents have a very different perspective and are very thankful for the role Varsity has played in my life.

Our Daughters

My two oldest daughters have both completed summers with Varsity. I personally threw everything at them and then the kitchen sink! Kathy and I made sure that they had their own reasons and that their decision had nothing to do with how we felt about Varsity personally.

Let me suggest that you challenge your son’s or daughter’s reasons. They will need a strong purpose to get them through the challenges of a Varsity summer.

Quite frankly, if they can’t convince you that they are ready, then they aren’t ready.

As a parent, I know it is scary to let go and give our children a chance to fall flat on their face. Our goal from the beginning was to raise adults, not children. If this is your thinking also, we look forward to interviewing your sons and daughters. I personally believe that Varsity is a powerful bridge of preparation for those who are ready for the challenge.

Feel free to contact me, other current Varsity students, any of our over 10,000 alumni serving in every capacity imaginable around the world, or their parents to complete your research. We welcome your questions.

Glenn Ransom
Dad and Director