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Parent Perspectives

gibbsNo one can understand the concerns and desires that a parent has for their children better than another parent. See what these parents have to say.

Lisa Barton: Beth Barton – Farmville, VA

As a parent, I never stop looking towards that goal of self-sufficiency for my children. [more]

Linda & Bob Salters: Jeff Baker – Mountain Home, AR

He learned skills that will be helpful no matter what he does when he ‘grows up’. [more]

Nancy Brindle: Jonathan & Robert Brindle – Lynchburg, VA

We really didn’t think he would make very much with the expenses of living away from home. [more]

Pat Brumbelow: Rob Brumbelow

I have seen him mature to a more responsible young man. [more]

Ray & Gail Cleek: Corey & Craig Cleek – Lebanon, TN

The reality that I did not know was the impact that the summer experience would have on his life and the contribution Varsity would make for his future. [more]

Marie Melore: Michael Dipilato

These are the future entrepreneurs and leaders in the business world. [more]

Denny & Jamie Edens: Sherlive Edens – Elizabethton, TN

Varsity cares about the young people they recruit for this program. [more]

William Gaskell: Joy Gaskell – Sumter, SC

Joy learned a lot about trusting God during those weeks, and she experienced obvious spiritual growth. [more]

Cathy Hankins: Connie & Shelly Hankins – Collierville, TN

The toughest challenge for a parent is “letting go” and allowing your children to make decisions for themselves. [more]

Marvin Janssen: Craig Janssen – Wichita, KS

I think the Varsity Company is offering an invaluable experience for college students to apply their academic studies to real-life situations. [more]

Pat Andres: Andy Marsh – Louisville, KY

Going door-to-door selling books!! Was he crazy? I thought so. [more]

Steve & Roberta McCullough: Mitchell, SD – Owen, Aaron, and Andrea McCullough

The best change we saw in him was a spiritual growth; he learned to depend on God. [more]

Grace Nogowski: Joanne Nogowski – Philadelphia, PA

I never saw so much enthusiasm and belief in a group of young adults today. [more]

Frank Ransom: Glenn Ransom – Butler, TN

Young people need to learn responsibility early in life and become accountable for their decisions. [more]

Judith Rubinstein Jacobs: Todd Rubinstein – Arizona

He has experienced an inner growth and positive self-esteem that one does not have the opportunity to achieve at so young and age. [more]

Joel M. Serling: Meredith Serling – NC

The experiences she has gained since that time has made a fairly confident and capable teen-ager develop to an even more confident and capable young woman. [more]

Mary Serrano: Jesse Serrano – Pasadena, TX

My son has worked 5 summers with Varsity – he has paid all his college education plus his car expenses and all insurances. [more]

Jan Seville: Jay Seville – Arizona

I was also sure that his opportunity was not legitimate and that he would be cheated out of most of his earnings by these “people”. [more]

Mrs. Richard L. Shanks: Rich Shanks – Louisville, KY

It is companies like yours who help build future leaders and strong, responsible young adults. [more]

Barb Thorson: Jenna Thorson – Statesville, NC

She was not a salesman and not “door to door.” [more]

Carolyn Tison: Tom Tison – Clinton, TN

At first I did not want him to go. [more]

Dave & Ginny Wall: Mike Wall – Duncansville, PA

We very much appreciated the weekly reports that were sent to us. [more]