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What is the Varsity Internship Program?

Founded in 1970, the Varsity Internship Program is a sales and management internship for college students of all majors, backgrounds, and personalities. Varsity teaches college students life people, communication and leadership skills and success principles via hands-on experience in door-to-door referral sales, selling exclusive, premier sets of Bible In Stories books. Over 10,000 students have been through the program since 1970.

“If you want the ride of your life, the best practical experience in business and communication skills, and a way to build your resume while in college, then the Varsity Internship Program is for you!” – Chris Johnson, Vice President, Liberty University Enrollment

“My book selling experience has also provided me with the knowledge to recruit other brokers to the investment business, many of whom worked as students selling books, door-to-door.” – Roger McConnellEdward Jones Investment Representative

Is it safe?

Student safety is of utmost concern to us. As parents ourselves with children who have gone through the program, we understand parents concerns and thoroughly teach students proper safety precautions and procedures to promote a safe summer. We welcome calls to our Team Leaders, parents of current or former students, and/or myself (Glenn Ransom) in the VIP office at 423-727-7436.

“Varsity cares about the young people they recruit for this program.” – Denny & Jamie Edens, VIP parents (see more parent testimonials)

Where do the students stay for the summer?

Students are paired up in groups of two to four students and assigned communities they will sell in during the summer. After learning how in Sales School, students network through the community for safe, affordable housing. Many students with rent from private individuals (basement and garage apartments), Varsity alumni, friends of friends, or church families in the community they will be selling.

“I gained a lot of self-confidence, which has ever since helped me in job interviews, at work, and even in relationships.” – Miguel Rivas, IBM Programmer

Can a student sell close to home?

It is crucial to have the network of experienced students to draw on personally during the summer. For this reason, the groups are placed together for the summer. Relocating to a new locality not only enhances students perceived independence and maturity to prospective employers, but it also helps students focus on their work better. The fewer distractions students have, the more they often learn and benefit from the summer.

“By dealing with such challenging conditions at a young age, my capacity to cope with problems while maintaining a positive attitude has been a tremendous asset in my present business dealings.” – Steve Hester, Director of Lease Acquisitions

Where will they sell?

Student managers and executive leaders are constantly monitoring sales localities to determine which areas will be best for students to sell in each summer. The final decision is typically announced at Sales School, when the managers and executives can discern the optimal fit for team sizes and personalities.

“I know without a doubt Varsity had a far more important impact on my life than both college and law school.” – Eric Davidson, Attorney

How much do most students earn?

While each students success is determined by his/her teachability and work ethic, here are the earnings our students gross during a 14-week summer (click the button below).


The most successful students work 75+ hours per week.

“I can say, without hesitation, that to this day, my involvement with the Varsity Company remains the single most gratifying and rewarding experience I’ve ever had.” – Bubba Young, Northwestern Mutual Life Special Agent

Can a student take summer classes and do Varsity?

In short, no. Taking summer classes while doing Varsity is not recommended. During the 14 week Varsity experience, the most successful students are working 75+ hours a week to get the most out of the summer and add the most to their resume and paycheck. When interviewing for your dream job/career, experience will be one of the biggest factors in helping you land the position. Check out this three-page PDF that shows the dramatic difference the Varsity experience made on one of our student’s resume.

“Ebay’s hiring manager’s response was, ‘I know that it should be because you have an MBA from Duke or because you have Internet-related work experience at Amazon and CitySearch, but in reality, the reason I was excited about talking to you was because of your door-to-door sales experience.” – Corey Cleek  (see other student testimonials)

How can parents stay in touch with their son or daughter during the summer?

The best way to stay in touch will be to call and talk with your student on Sundays. During the work day, we encourage students to turn their cell phone off to allow both them and their customers to focus on their presentations. Since students are working long hours and desire to get the most out of their week days, we encourage them to focus on keeping their records accurate and organized, eating and sleeping well, and obtaining valuable feedback and coaching from their team leaders.

The toughest challenge for a parent is “letting go” and allowing your children to make decisions for themselves. – Cathy Hankins, VIP parent

Aren’t physical hard copy books dead?

With the rise of e-books, this is a relevant question. Varsity avoids the typical decline of printed book sales by marketing a product that is both timeless and exclusive. Instead of decreasing business, Varsity has seen steady growth over the last few years, increasing a record 90% in sales year-over-year from summer 2010 to 2011 alone.

While e-books definitely have their place, there is also still a demand for printed books: “American university students this spring still are using printed textbooks far more than eTexts. In 2010, it was predicted eTexts would rise from 2 percent of college course materials to more than 18 percent after 2014. It didn’t happen. In the study “Student Reading Practices in Print an…” (Source: http://hdnews.net/opinion/schrock021714)

“Last summer, as our son was turning 18 months old, we were beginning to search for a way to effectively do devotions that would hold his attention and be age appropriate.


“We found several basic books that were very simple, but lacked the actual “meat” of the story, or they were just too mature in content for him. We were beginning to feel frustrated with our search and were praying for a solution. Within weeks a college student selling the BIBLE IN STORIES approached us. It is truly amazing how God supplied our need.” – Dave & Brianna Liuzzo, Bible In Stories customers (see more customers’ testimonials)