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After a successful summer, students may be selected to return as Student Leaders. They begin their leadership training in the fall when their Sales Manager conducts a Leadership Seminar.

leadershipThe Sales Manager works closely with each Student Leader and teaches the basics of recruiting, training, and managing. Through leadership by example, the Student Leader gains in-depth, “hands-on” management experience.

In each successive year, a student leader improves his or her sales and management skills and concentrates on building larger teams. At the conclusion of their college experience, a Varsity Student Leader is uniquely prepared for their career.

During their senior year, many Varsity students choose to interview for a career job beginning in the fall. They sell during the summer after graduation, and begin their career with a healthy financial savings from their summer production.

Though most students view the Varsity Internship Program as a stepping stone to a career outside of SCORE, certain outstanding performers will be invited to remain with SCORE in a full-time career capacity.