Summary of Skills Developed

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Professional Training

  1. Prospecting/Canvassing – Our students are taught how to map out their assigned communities, going house-to-house on a referral basis, tying the community together through the use of Pre-Approach information.
  2. Approaching – How to make a good first impression and gain an audience.
  3. Establishing Rapport – How to help the prospect trust and like you…you have 2-5 minutes to do this.
  4. Defining of the Need – How to ask appropriate questions to get needs/wants identified and agreed to.
  5. Demonstrating – How to present features/benefits of the products that can fulfill the prospects needs.
  6. Closing –How to understand the emotions of the buying decision and bring the prospect to a point of decision.
  7. Managing Time– How to use crystallized goal periods.
  8. Bookkeeping – How to run a business, including keeping expense reports, managing cash flow, and maintaining inventory.
  9. Goal Setting – How to set, crystallize, and achieve realistic goals.
  10. Team Building – How to screen, interview, recruit, train, manage, and motivate a team.
  11. Organization Building – How to train several teams to work together to accomplish the organizational mission and goals.






Life Skills

How to locate a place to live, balance a checkbook, account for thousands of dollars, apply success principles, maintain a positive attitude, and develop emotional stability.

Defining Moments

Varsity gives students the opportunity to test their self-discipline, to face and solve challenges, to gain friends and experiences that will last a lifetime, and to have loads of fun in the process!