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Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost

The toughest decisions in life are not the choices between right and wrong – the toughest are between better and best. As a student, parent, or school official evaluating the Varsity Internship Program you will at first have some natural skepticism concerning whether it is right to be involved with the company. Hopefully, after reading this and meeting some of the people involved, you will realize that the Varsity Internship Program radiates professionalism and integrity.

decisionThe real question, then, centers around what is best for you or your son’s or daughter’s future. There are many emotions that go into the decision to leave home and strike out on your own. For the student, it means taking a big step toward independence. It means running your own household and venturing into the real world of work for several “practice runs.” It means breaking out of a comfort zone.

For the parent, it means an opportunity to see your son or daughter “take the road less traveled by.” It is exciting to realize that they are ready to stand on their own. But there also is that feeling of reluctance – “Is he ready for this? Maybe she needs to stay home just one more summer! What if…?”

All of these concerns are wiped away when you realize two things: the program works, and you can do it!

Visualize a student coming home with their head held high, a smile on their face, and a check in their pocket. They look at their parents, show their check, and say, “Mom and Dad, this is what I can do on my own!” At that moment you know that the Varsity Internship Program is the best possible thing a student can do to take a giant step in preparation for their career.