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Summer Overview

The Varsity Internship Program is probably a little different than any other internship you’ve ever considered. Here’s a quick rundown of what you would experience.

1. Selection

outline-ssAll students entering the Varsity Internship Program are first interviewed by either a Varsity Student Leader or a full-time Sales Manager. Each student is evaluated based on their maturity, their level of ambition and their willingness to work hard, study hard and be teachable.

2. Sales School

Shortly after spring term final exams, the selected students attend a five-day professional sales training school in Tennessee. In addition to gaining product knowledge, the students learn the basics of communication skills, dealing with people, and running a business. (Oh yeah, after college you would pay about $5,000 for this training.)

3. How to Get Started

outline-ss2There is virtually no investment necessary for the students other than their living expenses during the week of training. The room for five days usually runs about $110. Add to this whatever they may spend during the week for food and gas.

Most students can leave home, study a week in training, and get established in their territory for about $500. They then start earning money their very first week.

4. Letter of Credit

The company offers each student a personal account provided they turn in an approved Letter of Credit. The Letter of Credit does not obligate a student to use a certain amount of merchandise, but it does enable the student to obtain products from the company on credit. Each student can return any unsoiled, undamaged or defective products that are unsold to the company for full credit.

In other words, the company only earns money when you do. You better believe we’ll be doing our best to help you have a successful summer.

5. Territory

outline-territoryDo you enjoy traveling? Varsity students have the opportunity to live in a different part of the country for the summer. Many students prefer to obtain a referral to live in a private home with a family. The average expense for rent in the past has been approximately $50 per week.

6. How the Products Sell

outline-booksSince the products are relatively inexpensive, many people prefer to purchase them immediately. Other customers prefer to order them, make a deposit, and have the students deliver them at the end of the summer.

7. Training on the Field

outline-sundayEach first year student is trained personally by his or her Student Leader. Each Sunday afternoon, an organization of 30-50 students working in the same area meet in a central place to go over the results from the past week. The purpose of this meeting is for recognition, instruction, and inspiration.

8. Deliveries

outline-deliveriesAt the end of the summer, the students deliver all the products ordered and collect the balances due. A special training session is held to organize deliveries and show how to sell extra products. The student sends a postcard to each customer letting them know the exact day for delivery.

9. Check-out!

checkoutbigThe last and most exciting step of the summer is the return visit to the office. The company requires that each student check out with the accounting department. At this time, the student returns all unused and undamaged products and receives a lump-sum check for their profit, minus what they withheld for expenses. Since the emphasis is on saving money, students take pride in minimizing expenses and building as big a check as possible.