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Corey Cleek, Angel Investor/Founder of – Nashville, TN
“Ebay’s hiring manager’s response was, ‘I know that it should be because you have an MBA from Duke or because you have Internet-related work experience at Amazon and CitySearch, but in reality, the reason I was excited about talking to you was because of your door-to-door sales experience.” [more]

Business Management

Bill Marseilles, NCR Account Manager – San Francisco, CA
“I have found that the competition is very tough when you get out of school, and anything that you can do to get ahead or set yourself apart from everyone else is a tremendous help.” [more]

Joe A. Martin, Jr., USMC – Brentwood, TN
“The experience on the book field has influenced my Marine Corps career more than I ever realized until you asked me about this.” [more]

Dr. Suresh Gopalan, West TX State U Professor of Management – Canyon, TX
“The three summers that I spent with Varsity gave me the experience, wisdom, and maturity in finishing the doctoral program and getting the job that I have now.” [more]

Rome Lamont, AT&T Account Executive – Charlotte, NC
attthumb“It’s hard to pinpoint a specific time when a certain quality trait enters a young man’s life, but one thing is clear to us all, that experience in the field was special and left us with the seeds of staying power, perseverance and a positive winning approach towards life.” [more]


Dr. Cecil V. Kramer, Jr., Liberty University Chairman Communication Studies – Lynchburg, VA
kramerthumb“I wholeheartedly endorse the Varsity Internship Program and recommend it to students in Speech Communication and Advertisng/Public Relations as a valuable internship experience that will meet their requirement as Communications Studies major.” [more]

Rick Clark, Account Manager – Orlando, FL
clarkthumb“This Fortune 500 company was so interested that when the five-step interview was over they wanted to know whom else I could recommend that had also worked with Varsity.” [more]

Criminal Justice

Bryan Williams, Sergeant – Lynchburg, VA Police Department
I learned to communicate with almost anyone, in any circumstance. I spoke to men and women of every age, race, religion, political affiliation, and social-economic class. [more]

Jim Quill, Retired – Tempe, AZ Police Department
The courage and confidence obtained by going door to door, speaking to people that I didn’t know, was greatly responsible for allowing me to do the same thing my entire career. [more]


scottthumbSarah Scott, Elementary Teacher – Bradenton, FL
Another reward of this program is the relationships you build with the other students. Of all the great friends I made at LU, I share a special bond with those that I “journeyed” with on the Varsity “trail.”

David Williams, BJU Career Development & Placement Director – Greenville, SC
“Skills learned include dependability, persistence, responsibility, initiative, and good, organizational skills.” [more]

Chris Johnson, Liberty University VP of Enrollment – Lynchburg, VA
chrisjohnsonthumb“If you want the ride of your life, the best practical experience in business and communication skills, and a way to build your resume while in college, then the Varsity Internship Program is for you!” [more]

bellthumbDr. Bruce K. Bell, Liberty University – Lynchburg, VA
“I support the Varsity Internship Program for students who are self-motivated, self-confident, and enthusiastic.” [more]

liberty2thumbMichelle Matthews, LU Dean of Women – Lynchburg, VA
“In addition, the program helped me to become a more confident person.” [more]

harvard2thumbTom Mallon, Harvard MBA – Boston, MA
“As far as leadership goes, Harvard selects students based on their demonstrated leadership potential.” [more]


Jason Fuller, GE Systems Leader – Greenville, SC
“Since I was in a technical field, many of my friends and even family thought that I had made the wrong decision in pursuing Varsity, but the skills and personal growth I developed would later prove them wrong.

“In my current position as a systems leader of a development program that crosses five major businesses and three countries, there is not a day that goes by that I do not use those skills learned on the book field.” [more]

ibmthumbMiguel Rivas, IBM Programmer – Charlotte, NC
“I gained a lot of self-confidence, which has ever since helped me in job interviews, at work, and even in relationships.” [more]


myrickthumbKathleen Myrick, Mezzo-Soprano/Realtor – Jacksonville, FL
As most people understand, an artist must have two skills: singing well and a ‘day job.'” [more]


Michael Wall, President – Wall Financial Group, FL
The confidence and skills learned over the summers of selling and the 2 seasons of team building, have made a greater impact on my success than any other training I have obtained. [more]

renaissancethumbBrenton Dearing, Financial Advisor – Clayton, MO
“The first summer you and the other managers believed in me like no one else had before.” [more]

Bubba Young, Northwestern Mutual Life Special Agent – Nashville, TN
“I can say, without hesitation, that to this day, my involvement with the Varsity Company remains the single most gratifying and rewarding experience I’ve ever had.” [more]

branchwealththumbJack Branch, Financial Advisor – Metairie, LA
“If you are looking for something to make you stand out in a crowded field of applicants then Varsity is worth exploring.” [more]

Jonathan Coddington, Insurance Agent – Auburn, AL
In the interviews I knew the type of questions they would ask because a couple of months before I had been screening kids to join VIP.” [more]

Kevin Snow, Financial Advisor – Jackson, MS
“Your success will depend on your willingness to be teachable and follow the instructions given to you by the person who has invested in you.” [more]

Roger McConnell, Edward Jones Investment Representative – Mobile, AL
“My book selling experience has also provided me with the knowledge to recruit other brokers to the investment business, many of whom worked as students selling books, door-to-door.” [more]

Stuart Condie, Wells Fargo Enterprise Project Manager – Charlotte, NC
“Man, was I scared.” [more]

Warren Wall, A.G. Edwards Investment Broker – Asheville, NC
wall2thumb“Personally, I would not be in the stock brokerage business today had it not been for my experience with the Varsity Co.” [more]


Jacob Adamo, Showroom Manager – Wheatland, WY
adamo2thumb“You may say that you’re just not the ‘salesman’ type, but the truth is…you already are a salesman, whether you want to be or not.” [more]

Jeff Bailey, Politics – Okeechobee, FL
“In both my private business and my political career, the opportunity that I had to work for the Varsity Company has taught me the necessary tools to be successful.” [more]


William Bigler, CTO Practice Leader, HP Software –

Learning the importance of building trust and being trustworthy was the most valuable lesson to me today. Trust is the critical success factor when facilitating successful outcomes with customers, executive teams, employees, partners, neighbors and three-year-olds. [more]


Connie Hankins, Beck, Redden, & Secrest LLP Attorney – Houston, TX
conniepfeifferthumb“My simple testimony to the value of the job is that I returned for four more summers, recruited friends, fellow students, and my sister to join me, and still appreciate bookfield lessons in my daily life.” [more]

David Johnson, State Farm Insurance Lawyer – Gray, TN
“These skills helped me make it through law school and have been invaluable to me in my present position at State Farm where I negotiate daily with attorneys and other clients.” [more]

Eric Davidson, Attorney – Charleston, SC
“I know without a doubt Varsity had a far more important impact on my life than both college and law school.” [more]

Karen Hornsby, TN Supreme Court Staff Attorney – Murfreesboro, TN
“When you think about it, life is full of opportunities to ‘close the sale’ – from selling myself to a prospective employer, to negotiating a case on my client’s behalf or arguing a case before a trial jury – I use the skills I acquired working for Varsity on a daily basis.” [more]


Hal Wilkerson, Hawaii and Pacific Rim Account Manager
I truly believe that putting myself through the experience with Varsity over three summers put me ahead of my peers, opened doors that would have not otherwise opened for me and prepared me for success.. [more]

John Scism, Executive Specialty Sales Rep – Sanofi/Genzyme
This program provided me the skills and vision to secure a career in the Pharmaceutical Sales industry. In fact, my participation in this program was the “tipping point” for the original manager who chose to hire me into the industry. [more]

Nichole Speaks, Senior Diabetes Solutions Specialist – Janssen Pharmaceuticals
I gained a new level of confidence and a skill set I had never even imagined. I would have never learned these skills from a classroom or sitting on the beach. [more]

Rick Townsend
So what set me apart from others? At the ripe old age of 22, I had hands-on, real world experience dealing with real people and running my own business. That meant something in the “real world,” as I soon found out. [more]

Craig Featherstone, VP Sales – Atlanta, GA
“I spent four years in college and learned more in three summers on the bookfield than I ever could have learned in college.” [more]

Chris Howard, Sales
yellow-book“The experience that I gained through the Varsity Internship Program has helped me to be among the top 1% of sales reps at bringing in new business accounts for the company over the past 2 years. I have exceeded their expectations, and I owe so much of my success to my experience on the bookfield!!” [more]

Chas Weems, Smith & Nephew Group Director Sales Training – Trenton, TN
“While there are many great companies in the world today that provide sales training, the fundamental skills that I received in Varsity’s sales school were among the best.” [more]

ponsthumbBrett Pons, Sales – Chapel Hill, NC
“You have to communicate well with other people and there is not a profession in the world where this is not a necessity.” [more]

Owen McCullough, Pharmaceutical Sales – Mitchell, SD
“The experience I gained my five summers with Varsity has been pivotal to my success in the pharmaceutical industry, including helping me break into this competitive field.” [more]

Steve Hester, Director of Lease Acquisitions – Henderson, KY
“By dealing with such challenging conditions at a young age, my capacity to cope with problems while maintaining a positive attitude has been a tremendous asset in my present business dealings.” [more]

Steve Smith, RE/MAX Realtor – Louisville, KY
remaxthumb “I wouldn’t be where I am today and I can guarantee you that hundreds of other people wouldn’t be where they are either.” [more]

Hunter Murray, Executive Search Firm – Collierville, TN
“As a team we faced the highest highs and lowest lows and we were there for each other.” [more]


Nick Thornton, Medical Doctor – Brownsville, TN
“With all the medical training and knowledge that I have gained, it is useless if the patient doesn’t get it.” [more]

Mark Groff, Chiropractor – Gallatin, TN
“When you graduate from college and you are sitting in that interview pursuing that job along with a few hundred other applicants, why are they going to pick you?” [more]


Amy Chenoweth, Curves Franchise Manager – Stratford, CT
“I have to say I use so much of what I learned on the bookfield, recruiting and hiring new employees, training and motivating current ones.” [more]

Eric Viets, LU Admin Info Management – Santa Rosa, CA
“To this day, I strongly recommend that college students go through the program.” [more]

Chris McIntire, AmeriBanc President – Oklahoma City, OK
“I tracked you down after that and we sat down for one of the longest and most thorough job interviews I have ever heard of much less participated in.

“Outside of my family, you have made the largest positive impact on my professional life of anyone else I have met and worked with.” [more]


Ben Bachellor, Missionary – Brazil
bachellerthumb“There is no question that spending time in the book business has put me a step ahead of my fellow classmates emotionally, mentally, and professionally.” [more]

Ken Turner, President of High Impact Teens – Dayton, TN
“Everything I learned about leadership, management, setting goals and working with people came primarily through my five years with Varsity as a college student. It was through Varsity that I earned the money to fund my college education and the experience I received was far more valuable than the money.”

Darrell Yoder, Pastor and Program Director, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary – Grand Rapids, MI
yoder2thumb“As a pastor…my experience with Varsity prepared me to really listen to people’s hearts.” [more]

Sports & Ministry

Brad Scott, CU Assistant Head Football Coach – Clemson, SC
“I have realized that in life, the toughest things are the best. Nothing good ever comes easy.” [more]

Dave Sekura, Executive Director – Fort Bluff Camp, TN
Today, I enjoy leadership in ministry in great part because of my experience with Varsity. I’m the Executive Director of Fort Bluff Camp and Retreat Center as well as the National Director for the NACA. [more]