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Anything worth accomplishing takes work, AND provides satisfying results. There are several important benefits a student gains from participating in the Varsity Internship Program: money, experience, growth, and allies.


Awards and Recognition

the vip gameEach week the students are ranked on “The SCORE,” a weekly listing of sales performance. Awards and plaques are presented to top performers in the fall at the Awards Weekend.

Personal Growth

We learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. By making mistakes one year and correcting them the next, a student grows and matures as a person.


alliesStudents develop close friendships with their team leader, team mates, and competitors while learning what it means to work on a winning team. In an culture where a “friend” is often just a click on social networks, students learn to develop meaningful relationships with their peers. With alumni all around the world sharing the common bond of friendship developed during the summer, students enjoy a powerful network of professional connections.


Income Potential

moneyBecause students are paid according to their production, there is an opportunity for unlimited income. A student receives commission on personal sales plus a rebate on their personal and team production as a Student Leader.

Money Summer

By participating in the program the summer after graduation, a graduate can start their career in the fall with several thousand dollars in the bank.


Practical Business Experience

A student has in-depth hands-on experience running their own business. They learn salesmanship, customer service, record-keeping, inventory control, and time management.

Leadership Development

experienceAfter the first summer, a student begins their development as a leader. With an emphasis on building relationships, a Student Leader learns to recruit, train and manage his or her team.

Dealing with People

A person who has participated several summers has learned how to meet and communicate with all different types of people.


Employers respect a student that has successfully participated in the Varsity Internship Program. Each Sales Manager looks forward to writing a personal letter of recommendation for a student.