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Becoming The Success You Deserve To Be

This 10-minute message from Joe Martin – a professional management consultant, Varsity’s Director of Training, and former bookman – shares a timeless message about career planning. Grab a pen and paper as you listen to this strategic planning on how to become the success that you deserve to be.


Why go to college?

need.collegeThe primary reason for going to college is to prepare for the real world of work. You believe that there will be an advantage for you and that it will help you “get ahead.”

When a few people went to college, a college diploma definitely was an advantage.

Today, the facts are clear: a diploma is not enough if you want to “get ahead” of your competition and be successful in your career.

Since you are only young once, your summers are important. This is one of the few opportunities you have to put something on your resume that will distinguish you from everyone else with whom you will be competing for jobs and graduate school positions.

Why work with the Varsity Internship Program?

The most successful people in every career are the ones who combine knowledge, leadership skills and a professional attitude.

The Varsity Internship Program gives a student the opportunity to develop confidence in these areas by spending college summers running their own business away from home in the real world of work.

Progressive schools coast-to-coast realize the need of combining classroom knowledge with an in-depth “hands-on” experience in dealing with all types of people.

Simply put, internships are career gold. Potential employers look for hands-on work experience, especially the kind that teaches real-world skills. – Knowledge@Wharton High School

Many students today are unable to locate summer jobs that enable them to pay for their college education. They must rely either on their parents or on student loans to finance it. Graduates in this situation must search for a career position with the heavy burden of being in debt.

Those students that are lucky enough to earn enough money to finance their education usually work at jobs that give little career preparation. These graduates, although debt-free, must search for a career position with little on their resume that distinguishes them from their competition.

The Varsity Internship Program provides students an opportunity to earn enough money to pay for their education. By improving each year, a student may also enter their chosen career debt-free and with a substantial amount saved.

Four Stages of Personal Development

  1. When you are a child at home, you are totally influenced by your parents. All your attitudes, habits, and values are molded.
  2. When you start school, you are heavily influenced by other students and teachers. You choose your friends and are affected by the attitudes, habits, and values of the people with whom you associate.
  3. When you go to college, this is the first real test of your values. You decide whether to accept or reject the values you learned from your parents – values such as hard work, honesty and commitment.
  4. The final stage is your entrance into the real world of work. It is the world where there are no spring breaks, and no extended three-month summer vacations.

It is a world of problems and opportunities, of dreams and realities, of good times and bad, of heartache and excitement.

It is a world where you do your best to provide for your family and hope they have a brighter future than you.

The most valuable result of all education is to make you do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not. It is the first lesson that ought to be learned. And however early a man’s training begins, it is probably the last lesson that he learns thoroughly. – Thomas Huxley